Sunday, February 8, 2015

Best Primary Weapon Defense System

You can only carry one when on the run or standing a post.
There is a plethora of information on the web regarding firearms and there application in SHTF scenarios. It is of our opinion, that if you are going to survive there is one weapon system that might see you through the other side. It is known that many Americans have stock piled a diverse amounts of ammo, pistols, revolvers, shotguns, and rifles. Recent firearm sales have broken records. But, unless you are supplying an army, buying as an investment/collector, when it comes right down to it, "what if your location becomes compromised?" How much of it do you plan to carry? What weapons system is your go to? We have it set up to only grab one gun.
The go to primary weapon system that we believe is the overall best for SHTF/TEOTWAWKI/WROL/APOCALYPSE and having owned many BRs, ARs, rifles, pistols, revolvers; the combat pump action shotgun is our primary weapons system. It has been for decades and find it to be the best overall weapons system for a prepper/survivalist/sheep warrior.


Ease of use 
Reliability - Based on over 100 years of development.
Availability of a wide range of ammunition - From bird shot, buckshot, slug, flechette and sabot, to specialty ammo from non lethal to very exotic along with low recoil to magnum power rounds making a single weapons platform a definite force multiplier. This system can even be a launcher with blank rounds to launch a grappling hook or other ordinance.  
Your personal load-out should have a few of each dictated by your own personal intelligence of the situation at hand. An ammo load-out is about a total of 25 to 50 rounds depending on your capabilities of weight management. Use of a tactical vest or equivalent to carry a load-out of shot shell carrier card for ease of acquisition extra shot shells is critical. 
Ammunition reloading components are widely available and easy enough to even reload with basic tools by hand in the field if necessary.


Accessories - User customization with accessories including easy barrel change outs, choke systems, light systems, sight systems, carry systems, ammunition holders, hardware and adjustable furniture configurations.

A combat pump shotgun in a survival situation is the ultimate hunting system for the survivalist from small game to the largest North American game such as elk, moose and even big bears.

The combat pump shotgun is a one man army weapons system; in a SHTF scenario you can only handle one weapon system at a time. The combat pump shotgun with its ability to handle and cycle such a wide diverse ammunition loads, fulfills every need that you may face that requires a firearm!

In a survival situation it is unrivaled.  For defense, security, engage close quarter targets to engaging targets up to 300 yards. (For those who doubt the long range capability check video below. Smooth bore common 12 gauge foster slug. It is impressive)

In a bug out situation,*  the combat pump shotgun is my go to weapon system with the knowledge of the aforementioned it is a weapon system that I know I can deal with any situation requiring the need of a firearm.

Remember, preserve life, defend the weak and helpless. Love your countrymen!

*This is a last resort. Bugging out after the SHTF  is precarious and extremely challenging. It is best to have planned routes to a secured locations that is a primary, secondary and tertiary with caches along the way. Belonging to a like minded group when on the move each with their own particular training and skills is also a major plus. 

A full load-out of 12 gauge ammo is heavy; (This goes for any preference of weapon system as well as other supplies) 100 rounds of 2.75 inch 9 pellet 00 buck, just under 10 pounds equivalent to 10 mags of .223/5.56mm respectively . It is already known, that many will talk about  the possibility of engaging in a firefight, but remember the majority of ammo expended in such a scenario is suppression. To which, 100 rounds of 00 buck is 900 projectiles of .33 caliber 53 grain shot within a typical 100 yard range of contact engagement suppression compared to just 300 projectiles with a heavy load-out of .223/5.56mm.

FireFight! Realities for the Prepper and Survivalist

The prepper/survivalist has ensured every material that will mitigate most critical situations of passing through the fire of cataclysm and catastrophic society breakdown. One of the major primary considerations has been their weapon system, which is the heart of any true prepper/survivalist.
The prepper knows his weapon system as any true soldier knows his rifle. The training is as deep as he or she has exercised.
Over the years, observing many actual videos of true battles in war especially small arms firefights, there are no delusions of grandeur. It is not pretty. If ever should one come in contact with an enemy force even a small force, a firefight is one thing a true prepper/survivalist should avoid at all costs.

With today's technology, observation of gritty true life firefight videos have opened a door to which many of us really do not see. It really throws into reality what happens during a firefight.

The laws in a small arms firefight are:
  • You will fall down, A LOT! Whether in the field or just in your own compound.
  • Nature will grab a hold, trip, get in your way namely dirt, dust, snow, ice, rain, fog, sticks, rocks, bushes, trees, etc.
  • Man made structures will grab a hold of you, get in your way, trip you, give way, snag you, hit you etc.
  • Your own gear will get in the way. 
  • You won't see it coming.  
  • You will be tired and exhausted when the enemy attacks. 
  • You can not run as fast as you think you can. 
  • You will drop your weapon.
  • You will try to shoot with your safety on. 
  • You will forget to charge your weapon.
  • Your weapon will malfunction. 
  • and last one is the most critical law: YOU WILL RUN OUT OF AMMO! 

In a firefight: Hundreds of rounds can be used in a matter of minutes by a single shooter.
Ammo is one of the main issues to be covered here. Observing the U.S. military when coming in contact with local insurgents in the middle east, the military uses extensive suppression tactics when engaging with the enemy, especially ambush. Watch Funker Tactical videos on YouTube and you will hear a lot cussing, screaming and just a lot of what seems like to be utter chaos to get more ammo up to the soldiers who are laying down the hurt.

This is critical intelligence for the prepper/survivalist, since either you are a lone wolf or belong to a small prepper/survival or militia unit, ammunition goes fast when having to suppress and then engage to defeat the enemy.

For the overwhelming majority of prepper/survivalists, this is not at all practical and is not at all encouraged to consider as a mindset to engage in a firefight. When engaged in an unforeseen firefight, one of the best guerrilla defensive tactic is to suppress in the generally direction of the enemy fire, escape and evade. Training should be the majority of this art form. You will make your escape an immediate coarse of action with no exceptions.
With the endless possibilities of scenarios that can be had here. It is encouraged to do your due diligence to research, apply techniques, train and assess your program to adapt to your specific defensive needs.